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Andhra Prabha Newspaper Today PDF ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ epaper Free: Andhra Prabha is the first Telugu language daily newspaper in terms of journalism. It is read mostly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is said to be the oldest Telugu language newspaper in South India.

Andhra Prabha epaper in PDF Download Today Andhra Prabha newspaper was started in Madras on 15th August 1938 by Ramnath Goenka. It was first owned by New India Express Group but later this newspaper was sent to entrepreneurs of Kakinada. Now it is owned by Gopal Krishna.

Andhra Prabha Epaper Download Pdf 2022 Today Free

Newspaper TypeAndhra Prabha ePaper Today
ePaper Andhra Prabha started in the yearAugust 15, 1938
Owner of Andhra PrabhaRamnath Goenka
Headquarters Of ePaper Andhra PrabhaHyderabad, India
EditorMootha Goutham (spelled as “Muttha Goutham”)

Important Notice to Everyone

We are not the publisher or owner of this Andhra Prabha Epaper ePaper Today. My main purpose in sharing this e-paper is to provide support to poor and financially weak students preparing for competitive exams. This e newspaper is already available on the Internet and other Social Media Platform

Andhra Prabha Newspaper Today PDF epaper Free

In order to improve the quality of school education and strengthen them at the level of infrastructure, the government has taken several steps, among which the special one is the plan to link government schools with private schools.

There will be a relationship with the school, they will jointly use each other’s resources as well as adopt each other’s better work. Vidya Jali is a new phase of the scheme, in this any educated or skilled person will now be able to help in shaping the future of the new generation by joining the schools as a volunteer.

epaper Andhra Prabha Today Telugu District Edition PDF Download Free

It may be, however, that registration will have to be done first, as well as full information about the area associated with etc. The special thing is that after the start of this initiative, till now about 5000 people from across the country have registered themselves as volunteers to teach in schools, this number is increasing rapidly every day, along with this, Andhra Prabha Epaper under this scheme no one Maurya can also provide necessary resources to schools, needy schools will have to give the distribution of their need for this.

Newspaper Today Andhra Prabha e Paper Hyderabad

The needy schools will have to distribute their needs for this, under this, so far more than 20000 schools have demanded the necessary resources, out of which about 12 schools have also got help, although the government is trying to speed up this entire campaign.

Andhra Prabha Epaper Also, at present, all government schools in the country have their own pucca buildings, but they do not have the necessary resources related to the education of students.

How to download Andhra Prabha ePaper today in Telugu?

First, you have to visit our website download link available here and from the official website of the Andhra Prabha newspaper

Is Andhra Prabha News Paper Today PDF Free?

Yes, it is absolutely free only for educational purposes.

Where I Get Andhra Prabha e Paper Telugu District Edition?

From our Website and form official website of Andhra Prabha epaper

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