Full Form of IAS? 2020 IAS topper list: What is IAS? Know Everything about IAS @ upsc.gov.in

Full Form of IAS? 2020 IAS topper list: What is IAS? Know Everything about IAS @ upsc.gov.in | IAS Full Form | what is Role of IAS officer? | How to become IAS? | Education and Qualification required to clear IAS Exam | Power of IAS Officer | Preparation Strategy for IAS Exam

Full Form of IAS (Indian Administrative Service) This IAS exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) after passing the IAS exam, the candidate becomes the collector of the district. Whom we also call the king of the district. He is the owner of the entire district and has unlimited powers to manage that district so that he maintains law and order in that district.

Full Form of IAS After becoming an IAS officer, he has a lot of responsibilities to handle that district; he is given the status of a reputed and respected person in the society. It is considered as one of the toughest exams in India as compared to other exams.

Full Form of IAS Lakhs of candidates take part in this IAS exam, out of which only 1000 aspirant are selected by UPSC. It is very difficult to get selection in this exam, only a candidate with honest talented discipline can clear this exam.

It is very difficult to select the right person for this post for which UPSC conducts exam like Prelims Mains and Interview. UPSC organizes Civil Services Examination (CSE) every year to clear this exam. It was formally constituted by the Government of India in 1947.

Important Role of an IAS officer in District level, State level and Central level

  • After passing the training by an IAS officer, they are given their first posting in villages and small towns, where they are given field assignments according to the post and work.
  • IAS officers get jobs in the public sector, where they have a huge responsibility to maintain the law and orders.
  • After some years, IAS officers are appointed in the Central Ministry where they are given work in various ministries.

Full Form of IAS & Know Everything about IAS

  Full Form of IAS (IAS Full Form)  Indian Administrative Service
  IAS Exam Conducted by  UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)
  What is IAS Exam?   Civil Services Examination (CSE) in India
  Qualification required for IAS Exam?  Candidates must have graduation degree Government-recognized university/institutions and minimum age for general Category is 21.
  Which work is assigned to an IAS officer?  implement policies and program for society
  Job location  All India
  Official Website  upsc.gov.in
  Selection Process  Prelims, Mains and Interview
  Perks and Salary  Minimum salary 56,100 as the basic pay + 16,500 grade pay  and maximum goes to 2,70,000
Full Form of IAS

Top 50 Toppers List for IAS 2021

  • 1st Rank Shubham Kumar – 1054 Marks
  • 2nd Rank Jagrati Awasthi – 1052 Marks
  • 3rd Rank Ankita Jain – 1051 Marks
  • 4th Rank Yash Jaluka – 1046 Marks
  • 5th Rank Mamta Yadav – 1042 Marks
  • 6th Rank Meera K – 1041 Marks
  • 7th Rank Praveen Kumar – 1041 Marks
  • 8th Rank Jivani Kartik Nagjibhai – 1040 Marks
  • 9th Rank Apala Mishra – 1031 marks
  • 10th Rank Satyam Gandhi – 1028 marks
  • 11th Rank Devayani
  • 12th Rank Mithun Premraj
  • 13th Rank. Gaurav Budania
  • 14th Rank. Karishma Nair
  • 15th Rank. Ria Dabi
  • 16th Rank. Arth Jain
  • 17th Rank. Sarthak Agrawal
  • 18th Rank. Radhika Gupta
  • 19th Rank. Shashwat Tripurari
  • 20th Rank. P Srija
  • 21st Rank. Vaishali Jain
  • 22 Rank. Nitesh Kumar Jain
  • 23rd Rank. Sadaf Choudhary
  • 24th Rank. Krishan Kumar Singh
  • 25th Rank. Vaibhav Rawat
  • 26th Rank. Pulkit Singh
  • 27th Rank. Maithreyi Naidu
  • 28th Rank. Divya Mishra
  • 29th Rank. Prakhar Kumar Singh
  • 30th Rank. Divyanshu Choudhary
  • 31st Rank. Y Megha Swaroop
  • 32Rank. Rallapalli Jagat Sai
  • 33Rank. Narayana Sarma V S
  • 34Rank. Simrandeep Singh
  • 35Rank. Aparna Ramesh
  • 36Rank. Joshi Mrunalee Avinash
  • 37Rank. Narwade Vinayak Karbhari
  • 38Rank. Varuna Agrawal
  • 39Rank. Srijan Varma
  • 40Rank. Anant Dwivedi
  • 41Rank. Aswathy Jiji
  • 42Rank. Pooja Gupta
  • 43Rank. Kanishka
  • 44Rank. Divyanshu Nigam
  • 45Rank. Anil Basak
  • 46Rank. Jubin Mohapatra
  • 47Rank. Vinayak Chamadia
  • 48Rank. Sai Manasa Nc
  • 49Rank. Rajat Ravindra Ubhaykar
IAS Salary Structure  With Full Exam Pattern & Syllabus  Click Here

Preparation Strategy to Crack IAS Exam

  • Read the Full Exam Pattern and Syllabus of UPSC CSE
  • Solve all last 10 year previous question paper
  •  Read daily newspaper the Hindu and other important newspaper
  • Proper diet and sleep and yoga meditation
  • Improve writing skill write and practice assay

What are benefits given of an IAS Officer?

Big house in main city, security to all family members, free government vehicles, international vacation trips, medical facilities, job security etc

Salary Given to IAS Officer?

House Rent Allowance

Dearness Allowance

Transport Allowance

Travel Allowance

Medical Allowance

Pay ScaleGradeBasic PayGrade PayService PeriodPost
10th PayLower ScaleRs.50,000 – Rs.1,50,000Rs.16,5000-4 yearsSDM, SDO, ADM (after 2 years probation period)
11th PaySenior Time ScaleRs.50,000 – Rs.1,50,001Rs.20,000Up to 5 yearsDM, DC, Joint Secretary
12th PayJunior Administrative GradeRs.50,000 – Rs.1,50,002Rs.23,000Up to 9 yearsSpecial Secretary, State Government Department Heads
13th PaySelection GradeRs.1,00,000 – Rs.2,00,000Rs.26,00012 to 15 yearsMinistry Department Head
14th PaySuper Time ScaleRs.1,00,000 – Rs.2,00,000Rs.30,00017 to 20 YearsDirector of any Ministry
15th PayAbove Super Time ScaleRs.1,00,000 – Rs.2,00,000Rs.30,000   _____Commissioner, Additional Secretary
16th PayApex ScaleRs.2,40,000(fixed)      _____    _____Chief Secretary in Ministries
17th PayCabinet Secretary GradeRs.2,70,000­­­      _____   _____Cabinet Secretary

Notice – मुझे उम्मीद है कि आप सभी जन इस पोस्ट Full Form of IAS में दी गयी सम्पुर्ण जानकारी को पढ़ने के बाद प्रसन्नता मिली होगी इसी तरह हम हर रोज आपके लिए नई जानकारी लेकर हाजीर होगें अन्य योजना की जानकारी पाने के लिए हमारे साथ बने रहीये ।

आप से अनुरोध है कि आप निचे दी गई इन योजनाओं को एक बार जरुर से पढें :-

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Yojanapdf.com: समस्त भारत (India) में निकलने वाली प्रमुख सरकारी योजना (Government Schemes) के Online/Offline Form की खबर देता है. Yojana Pdf में अधिकतर दी गई Sarkari Yojana से संबंधित Application Form Pdf और Yojana Form Pdf की जानकारी को हमने Govt. Website विभिन्न स्रोतों जैसे Magazine, Internet के माध्यम से इकट्ठा करके हमने आपको दिया है

Yojana Pdf in Hindi and English Language: केंद्र (Central) और राज्य सरकार (State Govt.) द्वारा निकाले जा रहे विभिन्न State wise yojana की notification को हम आपको हिंदी और अंग्रेजी दोनों भाषाओं में प्रदान कर रहे हैं जिससे आपको पढ़ने में कोई दिक्कत महसूस नहीं होगी

अगर आप लोग में से किसी को भी Full Form of IAS से जुड़ी कोई भी आवश्यक जानकारी चाहिए तो आप हमें नीचे दिए गए Comment Box के ज़रिये से सूचना दें सकते है। हम आपकी सहायता अवश्य करेंगे हमारी योजना पीडीएफ Team की पूरी कोशिश रहती है कि हम आप को योजना से सम्बंधित पूर्णता सत्य, सटीक सूचना प्रदान करें                                                जय हिंद वंदे मातरम ! आपका शुभ दिन मंगलमय हो !

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