Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf 2021 in English Download Free | Kurukshetra Magazine February 2021 Pdf English

Magazine Kurukshetra February 2021 English PDF Free Download | Kurukshetra Magazine February 2021 Pdf Download | Kurukshetra Summary February for UPSC | Kurukshetra Monthly Magazine Subscription and Price Online

Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf 2021 is a very important and useful monthly magazine, in which you can get information about important current affairs related to the country and state.

Form this Kurukshetra Magazine February you can get full Information about the whole activities related to social and economic change plan in the coming days

Students who are preparing for various govt. exam like SSC, Bank, Railway, UPSC and other competitive exam for them this magazine is very beneficial after reading Kurukshetra Magazine you can know what is going on in the society.

Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf 2021 in English Download Free

  • Vegetables and fruits are very important for our food. It contributes to the balance of food. Vegetables and fruits in food is important for human health.
  • Every effort is made to construct a nutrition garden in every village for the creation of a malnutrition-free India.
  • Poor families living in our state do not get balanced food, which has a very bad effect on their physical mental development and health.
  • The nutrition garden gives mental happiness to our farmers. There are many benefits of planting a nutrition garden like fresh vegetables will be available in every season.
  • The chemicals are used to prevent insects and diseases, some part of it remain after the vegetable, due to which the users who use them get sick.
  • Regularly used in vegetable food keeps our body healthy and gives strength to fight many diseases. The main reason of malnutrition is the lack of nutrients in the food; our body is severely affected by malnutrition.
  • Parents are encouraged to grow green vegetables at home and consume them regularly; Vegetables are being grown by putting soil in a plastic broken pot at home.

Kurukshetra Magazine February 2021 Pdf English | Good Earnings to Grow Pigs Farming in Low Capital

  • Before starting this business you should have knowledge of Pig Farming, what are expenses in this business and a choice of place.
  • There should be complete knowledge of its species, besides it is necessary to have all the information to choose the right market.
  • From Pigs we get better meat than other animals talking about income, soon it starts earning well in 6 to 9 months.
  • If you want to raise 25 pigs, then the cost of the year will be at least 3.5 lakh rupees. You can take help of your local Krishi Vigyan Kendra for the correct information of the cost.
   Monthly Magazine Name  Kurukshetra Magazine February 2021
  Kurukshetra Magazine Published By  Government Of India
  Beneficiary  Youth Of India
  Main Objective  Giving Knowledge about the Yojana
  PDF File Size  30 MB
  Number Of Pages  54
  Page Quality  High
  Language  Both in English and Hindi
  Publish Place  Kurukshetra
Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf

Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf Women Empowerment Self-reliant India

  • To make India self-reliant, it is very important to empower women. Education, health, employment and social development all contribute significantly to empowering women.
  • The main objective of this program is to keep the streets and streets clean and to reduce or eliminate open defecation problem through the construction of individual clusters and community toilets.
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Kurukshetra Magazine February

Kurukshetra Summary February for UPSC Increasing scope of employment by MSME

  • Scheduled caste women and differently-able youth will be benefited; the government of India has changed the definition of MSME to bring the full benefit of MSME to more and more youth entrepreneurs. According to the new definition, investment of less than 1 crore under Micro is kept.
  • Nowadays, many developed countries want to invest capital in India, in this new era of investment, the scope of employment for Indian youth is increasing rapidly within the country. New avenues are being prepared for Indian youth.
  • The question arises in the minds of many youths living in the country that from where to get information about the plans of MSME, it is natural to raise this question and the complete information of this scheme is available in the entire country, from the national capital Delhi.
  • The capital of every state and even every village in the country is available at the district level, and nowadays information related to rural India is being obtained by order.

Kurukshetra Monthly Magazine Subscription and Price Online Self-reliant India’s first campaign empowers rural youth

  • What is the meaning of empowerment?
  • All you young people would like to know from this. Empowering any person by filling the basic qualities is really empowering. There is no doubt that rural youth are very hardworking and experienced.
  • Education is very important for our society. Savannah for skill development can be more useful only when our youth are educated; It helps to empower you, keeping this in mind, the government is implementing the policy of education.
  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana may not have been made for our rural youth but you can take advantage of it. Under the scheme launched in 2015, free skill testing is provided. Under the scheme, youth are prepared for both employment and entrepreneurship.
  • The third phase of the Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf scheme has been started in more than 600 districts, in this phase new youth are given information about small business.
  • After skill, capital is the next step of empowerment, though it is a useful option because this thinking has been started with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship i.e. very small entrepreneur. Better coordination will be created so that the job seekers in rural areas can be prepared.

Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf Opportunities in scientific entrepreneurship for rural development

  • Here it is very important to understand how the head program of the Department of Science and Technology, which connects science to society, provides support to the families such as providing financial assistance for measurable and inexpensive technological advancement in the areas as well as remote areas.
  • Build local capacities in the areas, various jobs have been created under various projects related to this and micro enterprises have been developed in rural areas for local livelihoods.
  • In this scheme, it is encouraged to seek young scientists who have the enthusiasm for scientific work and they take scientific precautions against existing or future problems. Kurukshetra Magazine February Under this scheme, young scientists should be able to make a direct impact on the society through their research.
  • Work on the ideas related to the positions not simultaneously with this scheme. Kurukshetra Magazine February Young scientists of maximum 35 years who can graduate in any class of science and technology can apply for PHD.

Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf Strong nation, Strong youth

  • Creating employment opportunities in which attention has been paid to rural youth, reducing the expenditure, increasing the expenditure and promoting the government’s campaign to make goods and services indigenously is to develop India as a single name.
  • Continuing efforts to promote India’s economic development, giving new direction to public private partnership, old unusable structure related to business has been saved.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf In order to overcome the unemployment problem in 2015, Prime Minister Modi launched the skill development scheme; this scheme was launched under the National Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Policy.
  • The main objective of Kurukshetra Magazine February was to provide employment to the youth who are very educated. Or had to drop out of education due to some reason, under this scheme, youth are given skill tests related to industries.

Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf There is immense potential for youth in agricultural entrepreneurship.

  • The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic last year led to a spectacular performance in an area during a nationwide lockdown that led to the region’s reopening of the Indian economy back to the laborers working in cities back to their homes in the village
  • Due to the return, due to more labor available in agricultural horticulture, animal husbandry and sanitation services, the focus was on empowering people in rural areas.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf Organic farming has once again become the world’s attention and the production of organic farming in India is increasing at a rate of 30 to 40% per annum in the fisheries sector. Culture has opened many doors for opportunities such as fisheries in cold water.
  • Important achievements achieved in the last few years include the formation of the National Skill Development Corporation in 2009, the launch of the National Skill Mission in 2015, for this, the Agricultural Skill Council of India under the National Skills Qualification Framework to develop and evaluate the skill development course content Letter nodal agency.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf The major challenges faced by youth in skill development are the huge cost incurred in obtaining a test, lack of flexibility and mobility related to vocational education to easily facilitate the development of their skills through skill related question courses to the youth.
  • Kurukshetra Magazine February has been targeted to train one crore youth, under this scheme, 180 kinds of different occupations related to agriculture can be tested.

Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf Better opportunities for youth due to new technologies

  • In addition to the efforts of social welfare program, the Digital India campaign of the government which aims to connect the whole country with the country has made a major contribution to the enabling of rural India in urban India.
  • In his keynote address at the India Thought Summit, the Prime Minister while giving India a land of opportunities, in the article said that the internet is being used in a much better way in rural areas than the people of the city, this campaign has increased the speed of internet Increase which has happened recently due to which the possibilities of immense benefits for rural households have increased.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf Despite several challenges, the country has clearly seen the highest increase in online education during the epidemic. Disturb ably competent education is envisaged as a sure-fire solution to the issues faced in providing quality education in rural India.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf the National Education Policy 2020 incorporating online education as an alternative, the government has taken a number of steps to promote disturb study under National Education through Information and Communication Technology and National Mission, among other things like National Digital Library and free software included.
  • The epidemic has created a situation when town people temporarily migrate to untouched rural locations for months or longer. Many companies have already started taking advantage of the opportunities that created the situation.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf The original inhabitants of rural areas have also chosen to engage in traditional economic activities residing in their cities. The government and other social development organizations should not forget this opportunity and make the migration policies explicit.

Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf Aggrotech Startup is the best option for the youth

  • At the present time, when India is in most need of its youth power in a region, then every minute 30 to 35 rural people are facing the serious challenge of migrating from rural areas to the cities in search of better livelihood and lifestyle.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra February Pdf Migrating from rural to urban area, about 35% of the total migrants are young people who are engaged in accepting someone’s future in India has become a big concern for the policy planner.
  • As a first step to attract rural youth towards agriculture, there will be a shift to low-risk agriculture and high-profit gum with tea. An 11-acre farming model will be designed to increase agricultural income.
  • The government intends to make agricultural education a more relevant answer for the development of entrepreneurial skills in students, hence a detailed scheme called Student Ready is a well-preserved 1-year program designed to provide skills to agricultural graduates.
  • This program was compulsorily applied for the requirement of graduation through any of the 55 universities in the country Kurukshetra Magazine February.

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