Magazine Kurukshetra January 2021 in English Free Download | Kurukshetra Magazine January 2021 Pdf English

Magazine Kurukshetra January 2021 English PDF Free Download | Kurukshetra Magazine January 2021 Pdf Download | Kurukshetra Summary January for UPSC | Kurukshetra Monthly Magazine Subscription and Price Online

Magazine Kurukshetra January 2021 Candidates who are preparing for various government exams like SSC, Bank, Railway, UPSC and other competitive exams for them, after reading Kurukshetra Magazine you can know what is going on in the society.

Magazine Kurukshetra January English is a very wonderful and useful monthly magazine, in which you can get important current affairs information related to the country and state.

Through this Magazine Kurukshetra January you can get complete information about the activities related to social and economic transformation plan in the coming days in our country.

Kurukshetra Magazine January 2021 Pdf Download The size of this magazine is about 20 MB, the full page of this magazine is 56, plan year 67, monthly issue January 2021, Paush – Magh 1942

Magazine Kurukshetra January 2021 English PDF Free Download

  • Keeping the area clean, whether it is urban or rural, is very important for our environment, if we pay proper attention, then we can save our surroundings from being polluted.
  • A similar initiative of some elderly people in Meerut has become a milestone for many people. To make their surroundings clean and beautiful, there is no need for very long-bodied schemes. Every person will have to be Karmayogi.
  • We have often seen that most of the elderly people take rest in their old age, but we have seen here that 65 to 75 years old people living in the city of Meerut work in the number of 15 to 20 working loyally.
  • Cleanliness is the identity of our educated, intelligent and civilized country and it is the pride of our country that it is our duty to keep our country clean and our country can get rid of the problem of dirt and move fast on the path of progress.

Kurukshetra Magazine January 2021 Pdf | Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, every poor family gets a pakka house by 2022.

  • The Prime Minister of our country believes that every family in the country should have their own house, the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, is completing the construction of new houses under the right strategy by joining hands with each state of the country.
  • According to Census 2011, the number of households without housing in the country was 4.03 crore. Most of the families live in kaccha houses in our country. After independence, the government had many challenges, of which it is one of the biggest challenges.
  • In 1086, the Government of India formulated several schemes for housing construction. Cooperative societies provided separate money for the construction of houses in rural areas. The CDM scheme continued. Through this scheme, it was learned that land for housing construction the lack of was becoming a hindrance. Therefore a separate canon was created for this.
  • In the 2014 Joint Session of the Parliament, the Government of India announced that every household in the country should have housing by 2022, till the country completes 75 years of its independence.
  Monthly Magazine Name  Magazine Kurukshetra January 2021
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Magazine Kurukshetra January 2021

Magazine Kurukshetra January Creation of new India is the panchayat scheme through it

  • Covid – 19 the biggest challenge for our society is due to the health of the epidemic, it is a test of time for us because it is our resolve that development of rural areas is very important to complete the creation of new India by 2022.
  • Keeping in mind the importance of infrastructure in the economic development of the country, several schemes have been introduced. Many infrastructure schemes for government support are included.
  • To ensure the quality of life of the citizens of the country, our development policy should be such that regional social, economic disparities are eliminated, poor and marginalized people and complete with annexation.
  • Panchayat is the only institution which is an accountable process at the grassroots level, here one can exchange his ideas with mutual consent very easily and can find many types of resources. Rural telecommunications has expanded rapidly in our country. The communication revolution can greatly help rural people in raising their lives.
  • January Kurukshetra Hindi main objective is to identify local social issues and resolve them at the right time, to expand the understanding of the people and for their good.
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January Kurukshetra Hindi

Kurukshetra Summary for UPSC Rural health care

  • Most of the population in India still lives in rural areas. Taking care of health is not less than public interest work, in the next 15 25 years, when we have a large population, then health services will play the biggest role in it.
  • Janani Suraksha Yojana is a cash incentive program to introduce women to use health care services for delivery. It was intended to provide funds for pregnant women and sick infants on arrival for institutional health care in such treatment.
  • Due to the huge expenses incurred, women were reluctant to come to the health center after childbirth or to solve the newborn’s health problems.
  • The goal of the National Adolescent Health Program is adolescents in the country who constitute 23% of the total population of India.
  • The investment objective in this group is to ensure that there is physical and mental development and they get the necessary social behavior and sexual education as per their requirement. It is also intended to provide nutritional mental health reproductive health services according to their needs.

Magazine Kurukshetra January Our rural India will be even with renewable energy

  • Roshni’s new road: The rural area with a population of about 91 crores in the village is the distance of the country’s economy but in the path of development, our village is lagging behind the urban areas for a long time, one of the main reasons is the lack of energy in the rural areas.
  • We understand the lack of it January Kurukshetra Hindi, so the Government of India has issued a campaign to provide electricity to every village and on the other hand, initiatives are being taken to develop renewable energy as a strong example.
  • The biggest need for rural development was to illuminate people’s homes and meaningful in the light of the roads so that their lifestyle can be improved, children can study well and remove their hands in household work, in most parts about 290 days of sun it is a simple and practical technique to make electricity from sunlight.
  • In the early days, ordinary street lights were installed in solar street lights which used to provide very low light and high energy consumption. January Kurukshetra Hindi Due to technological development, the efficiency and energy of solar street lights was increased manifold with the use of CFL and later LED bulbs Increased if clouds are clouded for four to five days.
  • There is a possibility of getting light from them at night, due to the convenience of the sensor, there is no need to turn on or off the solar street light by hand, it gets illuminated automatically when the darkness is over and the morning automatically turns off It has made it popular in rural areas as well as small towns.
  • With the efforts of the Government of India, about 700016 street lights are illuminating the backward village of the country. It is strengthening the sense of security among the people living in the village till late night It is possible to go

Kurukshetra Monthly Magazine Subscription and Price Online Importance of rural development in infrastructure sector

  • India being a large country, rural culture is fed in different areas by the vast culture and traditions of India. I am a plain area or a hill village, there are villages, and all of them have different circumstances. The method follows local geography and traditions.
  • The infrastructure of the rural areas was weak, due to which large number of people had to migrate from rural and urban areas for employment.
  • The center of the new India approach of the central government was to provide better road communication facilities in rural areas, wider access to housing facilities and resources on it. Due to the impact, the standard of living of the villagers has been greatly affected.
  • Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak January Kurukshetra Hindi is increasing the number of private vehicles in rural areas in addition to any used vehicles. Earlier, 70 km of rural roads were built daily which has now increased to more than 134 km.
  • Waste parts of plastic metals are also being used. Magazine Kurukshetra January Comprehensive capacity development has also been done by the Government of India by giving master trainer test for maintenance of rural roads.

Kurukshetra Magazine January Pdf Self-sufficiency from agricultural development

  • Crop production has increased from 30 to 40 years due to new irrigation techniques, apart from this, efforts are being made to develop rural mandis as rural agricultural markets, in which agricultural sector, significant efforts are being made to increase this mega food.
  • In addition to the park, there are plans to develop clusters of districts known for agricultural products. Under this, credit card facilities are being provided to farmers associated with bee keeping, animal husbandry. Infrastructure Development Fund for Animal Husbandry has been created.
  • Beekeeping scheme has been named as Mithi Kranti Yojana. The government has made a provision in the budget of Rs. For beekeeping related initiatives. Beekeeping is one of the oldest activities in India, making it one of the front end markets of the world. Children and old men can all bees more information about beekeeping can be contacted in their home district Krishi Vigyan Kendra or any officer of the scheme.
  • The government has made a provision of more than 500 crore rupees for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. This Magazine Kurukshetra January scheme will provide 50% subsidy on transportation and stockpiling from fur plus to deficit markets including cold storage and it is launched for the next 6 months experimentally.
  • It will be further expanded, farmers will get better prices, waste will be reduced and consumers get economical products. Horticulture production in India has also seen a meaningful method. Cultivation of horticultural crops has led to employment opportunities as well as small and marginal farmers. The income of the crops is increasing. Magazine Kurukshetra January Vegetables give fewer yields than other crops.
  • Protein has special importance in balanced diet for our health. Mushroom is considered to be a good source of it. Over the past few years, Magazine Kurukshetra January demand for mushroom in the India market has increased rapidly due to which there is demand in the market, according to that there is no production of it. In this way, farmers are considering mushroom cultivation as a good profit and earning more money. Magazine Kurukshetra January Three types of mushroom are produced.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra January Due to increasing production costs and decreasing profits in agriculture, the youth of our country is getting reduced towards Heti.
  • Today, youth are migrating to the city on a large scale in the rural areas. Arable land is no longer in the rural areas. Is and the income is also getting less, due to this agricultural land, the youth of rural areas are moving more towards the cities.
  • Magazine Kurukshetra January In search of employment opportunities, Magazine Kurukshetra January is leaving his village and moving towards the city, to solve the problem of hidden unemployment in the agricultural sector, the emphasis has been laid on the development of cottage industry for agriculture-related self-employment.

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